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Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed Security Services from DriveLock. Our Service


Free 30 days trial 

IT Security - the easy button

Who does not like it: efficient IT-Security, which is easy and without a high demand on stuff?

DriveLock Managed Security Services are a fully managed security solution:
Ready to go, based on best practices, but tailored to your needs, robust and with low investments.

It is our objective to offer you the highest level of security. We work with cutting edge technology and incorporate the latest security requirements into our solutions. This will ensure that your data is protected in the best possible way at all times.


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Easy and immediately available

DriveLock provides an holistic Security-Service:

  • The ready2go security solution
  • Efficient and economical way to achieve security.
  • DriveLock will host the entire system.

Full Cost Control

With our ready2go Security-Service you optimize your budgets:

  • Dedicated cost plan for your security.
  • No infrastructure investments.
  • Subscription based on endpoints.

Multilayer Security Shield

Detect, repel, document and analyze attacks with:

  • Application and Device Control based on Machine Learning
  • BitLocker Management
  • Reporting & Forensik
  • Security Awareness

Focus on Security

DriveLock Operations Center provide you with a configurable Dashboard, which give an total overview what happens on your Endpoints regards Security. Drilldown navigation ensures a quick path to all related Security Events on your endpoints.

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BitLocker Management

Central overview and Management of your BitLocker encrypted Devices through a web based management console. Status, password reset or recovery key generating: DriveLock Operations Center provides the centralized overview.

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Tablet-Ansicht Events

Security related Events in Focus

The Event view presents a detailed view around events on your Endpoints. In addition to the intuitive filters, you can create filtered reports your personal widgets and place them on the Dashboards.

Compliance Standards

DriveLock presents IT-Security "Made in Germany". Our goal is the best protection of your personal data. 

  • Device Control based on best practices
  • Application Control with Machine Learning – predictive White-listing
  • BitLocker Management & Encryption2go
  • Security Education

Optimized Data protection

DriveLock and Microsoft Azure ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data.

  • Allows customers to take advantage of the combination between a
  • Fully managed endpoint protection and
  • Cloud Data Center which follows the strict GDPR regulations.

Government Regulations

Implementation of governance, e.g. EU-GDPR, BSI, ISO 2700x or HIPAA:
  • High standard to follow administrative, physical and technical safeguards
  • e.g. Security Awareness and Training, Security Incident Procedures, Workstation Security, Device and Media Controls, Audit Controls, Transmission Security, etc.
We chose DriveLock's Managed Endpoint Protection to give us the time to focus on our enterprise-wide security strategy.
DriveLock Endpoint Protection was up and running immediately and DriveLock's security experts took care of the system. We wouldn't have the internal resources to do this.
With DriveLock we are able to control on a very granullary level security settings - a key contribution to our company security!


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IT Security very simple and easy to achieve.

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