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Managed Security Services from DriveLock. Pricing & FAQs

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Base Security

annual subscription

$US 5.68

per Device per Month
  • Device & Application Control
  • Encryption2Go and File&Folder Encryption
  • Predictive Whitelisting with Machine Learning
  • Audited access to external drives
  • 10 configuration changes / month
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Advanced Security

annual subscription

$US 6.82

per Device per Month
  • Base Security PLUS
    • BitLocker Management

    • access to external drives via request

    • 20 configuration changes / month
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Security Awareness

annual subscription

$US 3.03

per Device per Month
  • Security Education
  • 28 Security campaigns in multiple length including knowledge tests
  • EU GDPR employee training
  • regular updates with current security topics
  • Event- und user based training delivery
  • 5 configuration changes / month
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which data centers does DriveLock use?

    DriveLock hosts in the Microsoft's Azure data center West Germany.

    The corresponding backup data center is located in France, so that operations can continue seamlessly even in the event of a total failure of a German data center.

  • Does DriveLock ensure operations in the case of an emergency?
    The DriveLock Cloud solution is hosted in a primary data center secured by a separate Disaster Recovery Site (DRS).
    Customer data is backed up incrementally once a day and fully once a week. Additional procedures are in place to copy complete data backups to the DRS. This includes mirroring by log shipping.
    Customer data is mirrored in a separate data center to ensure high availability.
    DRS hosts clones of settings and data from the primary data center to ensure seamless failover.
    In an emergency, all requests to the primary data center are redirected to DRS within six (6) hours. This redirection obligation applies only to productive tenants without interfaces to 3rd party systems.
  • Is my data safe in the cloud?
    DriveLock hosts in certified Microsoft data centers.. We guarantee that your data will not leave the jurisdiction of the location (EU).
    Each customer has a dedicated database which is secured by transparent data encryption. All logging and backup data is protected too. All communication is SSL-encrypted.
    In addition to the security profile, which does not contain any customer-specific data, endpoint inventory data and event data are stored.
    All stored data can be viewed directly by the customer in the DOC.
  • How and when will the service be updated?

    The DriveLock Operations Team is permanently working on the improvement and optimization of the service. For this purpose, regular updates are made in the backend, which are usually transparent for the customer.
    Adjustments and optimizations in the security profiles are announced in advance and can be evaluated by the customer in the sandbox.
    In addition, the agent is updated 2-3 times a year. This will be provided via autoupdate. This is also announced in advance and can be evaluated in the sandbox.

  • What service level does DriveLock guarantee?
    "System Failure" means a situation in which an Authorized User is unable to log into the active client due to a Managed Services error, or agents do not receive a Policy Update or Binary Update and this is continuously attempted over a period of more than 30 minutes as documented by DriveLock using automated system monitoring and system logs.
    There is no system failure due to a planned outage.
    DriveLock undertakes to provide 99.5% uptime on Customer's Managed Services during each billing period.
    The uptime shall not be provided if there is a system failure. Properly planned maintenance times and cases of force majeure do not, affect the operating time.
    If DriveLock does not comply with this operating time obligation during a billing period, DriveLock will grant a service credit in accordance with the remuneration for this billing period as follows:
    Operating time less than 95%: Credit 100%.
    Operating time of at least 95% and < 99%: Credit 25%.
    Operating time of at least 99% and < 99.5%: Credit note 10%
    The following calculation shall apply:
    Maximum availability in minutes minus time of system failure / Maximum availability in minutes * 100. Other claims of the customer are excluded.
    Planned and unplanned maintenance work:
    Planned maintenance times do not count as system failure. Maintenance times are planned if they are communicated to the customer at least four days before the maintenance period.
    Where appropriate, they are scheduled for the time between Friday evening 22:00 and Saturday morning 02:00 (UTC).
  • Term and notice
    The Managed Security Service is automatically renewed for a further 12 months if the contract is not terminated 3 months prior to expiry.