HIPAA prescribes that organisations must implement a mechanism to encrypt and decrypt EPHI

HIPAA was first adopted to protect the patient’s data and documents in accordance with the privacy policy, to further set standards in protecting the transfer of personal data.

With the HITECH requirement, standards were set to manage the process in case of a data breach.

These requirements, in particular, targets health insurers, hospitals, health care organisations and their business partners.

DriveLock assists your company, especially to secure the electronic protected health information (ePHI)

DriveLock supports you to fulfil these requirements and secures the electronic protected health information (ePHI) with all necessary safety precautions. It allows you to manage access rights for all sensitive files within your organization.

DriveLock also secures your data with a customised security strategy, tailored to your organisation, that includes an efficient encryption tool, which is also regulated by law, as well as Application- and Device Control. Additionally, DriveLock provides an efficient reporting and forensic function. 


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Security Education
Device Control
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