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How 3rd Party Providers Get More Out of Native Security Tools


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Threat protection - a combination from built-in OS security and third-party features


Native OS Security - why is it so important?

The native security offerings found in mainstream OSes have significantly improved over the past few years. Threat prevention features like antimalware, and data security technologies developed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, can compete with the best-of-breed third-party solutions on the market today.

This Forrester research compares the native security offerings of major mobile and traditional employee OSes to highlight the security capabilities most critical to enterprise buyers. It also highlights areas where third-party tools may be redundant and where they're still needed - when they provide additional value: DriveLock's solution not only optimises the management of the native security solutions, but it supplements them with important functions.

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"Improve Your Threat Protection Efficacy Using Built-In OS Security"



"One key function missing from native security offerings is behavioral protection, specifically analysis of the runtime application/device activities that need to be pieced together and correlated with external threat intelligence to identify and block malicious actions of the user, hardware, device OS, or applications."

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