Cyberattacks in the financial industry

The financial industry is increasingly in the focus of professional cyber attacks. The effective protection of sensitive customer data while constantly increasing the volume of data is a massive challenge for the industry.

DriveLock provides reliable, cost-effective and efficient protection against data loss and cybercrime. With its modular structure, the DriveLock solution can be adapted to the respective company situation.

The device control (Smart DeviceGuard) allows access only through authorized devices and interfaces (for example, corporate Wi-Fi networks or approved USB drives) .

With the forensics function, unintentional data outflow can be fully clarified in compliance with the applicable data .

Current challenges


Increasing Third-Party Risks - The use of sensitive corporate data by various parties - internal employees, external financial advisors etc. - poses increased risks for data protection and unwanted data loss


IT systems are in the focus of increased legal and internal compliance reguirements


Growing number of mobile devices - mobile devices in the enterprise increase the potential for data theft and cyberattacks and require an endpoint-oriented security concept


Significant increase in cyberattacks - cyberattacks by organized criminal groups, hackers, activists or even by their own employees are growing exponentially

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In 2016, the financial sector was affected by the attacks of Ransomware Trojans with a magnitude never encountered before. These attacks follow a clear pattern. This whitepaper explains the procedure of these cyberattacks, and what you can actually do to protect yourself.

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