DriveLock encrypts your files – secure and easy!

Consider the facts: data storage devices will sooner or later get lost and cloud files are never entirely protected from prying eyes. Whether these events turn out to be a disaster or not, is up to you! Employing proper encryption techniques decides whether you are dealing with just a hardware loss or, more seriously, the loss of sensitive corporate information. According to the Ponemon Insitute the loss of one data set causes, on average, a damage of 3.4 million US$.

Comfortable encryption - Everywhere

With DriveLock you can encrypt your files securely and easily, like with no other solution on the market. Eligible to german data protection laws, we offer highest reliability with no backdoors or dubious distribution of keys. DriveLock works independent of the location of your files. No matter if they are stored on a local computer, a central server directory, an external USB flash drive or a cloud based service like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

Perfect integration with company IT

With DriveLock all legal requirements of your company can be reflected transparently and without interrupting the workflow of your employees. Owing to the intuitive Management Console, DriveLock offers complete synchronization between the functionalities. DriveLock File Protection is a unique user or group based encryption on file level. The special thing is: the solution can not only be configured easily, it also fulfills all requirements of a cost effective, companywide solution with the highest possible usability. It is fast and easy for teams to administrate the access to encrypted directories by using the DriveLock user interface. This saves time and expenses.

Encryption on the Go

You can access your files anywhere anytime with DriveLock Mobile and Encryption 2-Go. By using these two portable applications it is easy to open, access and close containers.


  • Secure File Encryption in the Cloud, on Servers, Desktops and Laptops

  • Slim integration in existing systems, centralized Roll-Out

  • Extensive Permission System with central key management

  • Self Service Function for user key generation

  • Integrated, centralized reporting with extensive analysis capacities

  • Reliable and fast encryption of the entire hard drive, a single partition, a directory or a single file

  • AES-NI-Support

  • FIPS 140-2-certified encryption module

  • Fast Pre- Boot authentication

  • Supports passwords, chip cards, tokens, smartcard

  • Single-Sign-on

  • Emergency notification in case of forgotten password, online or via challenge- response- procedure

  • Proven and fast recovery- functions

  • Data recovery without forced decryption

  • Central management of recovery keys

  • „Remote Wipe" of the data, e.g. in case of theft