Kontec is a leading design engineering company headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany. It serves major players in the automotive industry, in household appliance manufacturing, and in many fields of general engineering. The enterprise employs a workforce of approximately 400 at eleven sites. Kontec creates tailor-made solutions to specific needs, and is committed to long-lasting partnerships with its clients.

Engineering - Made in Germany

DriveLock enables us to comply with the specifications of VDA 6000, based on ISO 27001/2, which major car manufacturers require their suppliers to fulfill. By introducing this software, we were able to continue our working relationships with leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Daimler, Audi and Porsche. Deploying DriveLock allowed us to meet all specifications in full.“

The Problem

Being prompted clients such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch and Audi, Kontec was called to comply with the requirements of VDA 6000.

This is critical as Kontec’s work entails direct access to many of its customers’ IT systems and networks. Specifically, mechanisms need to be in place to prevent unauthorized access to or extraction of data. Kontec also needed to introduce new methods for the management of passwords and external hardware assets.

The Solution

DriveLock fulfills all the imperatives of VDA 6000.

The solution’s integrated hardware device protection and removable media encryption features as well as DriveLock exceptionally flexible solution when it comes to defining highly specific policies for user rights, were especially attractive.

The Result

Seit der Einführung von DriveLock herrscht vollständige Transparenz über Programme und Daten die aufgespielt oder abgezogen werden.

Durch die zügige Umsetzung der Sicherheitsanforderungen mit der umfassenden Lösung konnte die Zusammenarbeit mit Automobilherstellern nachhaltig abgesichert werden.