DriveLock extends BitLocker disk encryption

DriveLock extends BitLocker's Windows Disk Encryption with a range of advanced configuration options with further network-ready pre-boot authentication. Using BitLocker offers users improved choices for setting up key storage and recovery space, help desk tools, a wide range of local policies for end-user devices, trustworthy audit reports and more. To manage those functionalities properly, a management console is more or less imperative.

By integrating BitLocker Management into the DriveLock Portfolio, users gain a new level of experience in managing everything in a single DriveLock console. Managing BitLocker with DriveLock enables centralised reporting and hardware management as well as a built-in Challenge/Response-based Help Desk.

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Manage BitLocker with DriveLock to:


Enforce BitLocker encryption policy


Manage endpoints already configured with BitLocker


Make use of advanced authentication methods such as smart card, token or network boot


Actively decommission lost or stolen computers should they attempt to reconnect to the network


Enhance file and system protection to prevent unauthorised data access when BitLocker-protected Computers are decommissioned or recycled


Rapidly determine the compliance status of individual computers or even of the enterprise itself in regards to BitLocker

The DriveLock BitLocker add-on is an ideal complement to your BitLocker environment

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