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DriveLock support to achieve mandated CMMC and NIST certifications

By DriveLock on Jan 31, 2022 5:00:00 PM

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DriveLock helps US Defense suppliers to fulfill standards mandated by the Federal Government

U.S. companies seeking contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies are required to demonstrate strict IT security controls. The DoD imposes strict requirements on the data shared between it and contractors and their subcontractors. To protect this data from cyberattacks, the DoD has developed a comprehensive framework that contractors must demonstrate compliance certification. DriveLock’s cybersecurity modular platform enables manufacturing companies to meet the mandated NIST and new CMMC 2.0 requirements.

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Are you Essential 8 Compliant yet?

By DriveLock on Jul 1, 2021 9:32:26 AM

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“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be."

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller

No one can escape the threat of a cyber attack. One vulnerability is all an attacker needs to gain unprecedented access to all of your organisation’s confidential files and information. Not only is your company’s data at risk, but also your client’s. So it is of paramount importance that your organisation strengthens its cyber security software and practices. But how confident are you in your company’s ability to counteract cyber attacks?

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