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Working from Home - 13 Tips for Increased IT Security

By DriveLock on Apr 2, 2020 2:47:13 PM

From one of our previous post, "Coronavirus calls hackers to the scene", we are already informed about basic precautions and protection measures we must take when working from the home office.

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Stay Safe - Protection in your home office

By Vincent Ong on Mar 23, 2020 8:10:00 AM

As we brace ourselves to contain the spread of Covid-19 globally, it is of utmost importance for companies and enterprises to upkeep their business momentum in current challenging times. Increasingly, companies are encouraging employees to work from home to minimise physical contact. It is critical for endpoints to be well protected for employees to continue to be productive as they are working from home. However, the situation also presents opportunity for possible cyber security threats, malware attacks and social engineering to take place.

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DriveLock - perfectly positioned for RSA 2020

By DriveLock on Mar 17, 2020 8:43:10 AM

With over 36,000 attendees, 700 speakers, and 650 exhibitors, the RSA conference in San Francisco was a successful and rewarding event. The conference was attended by both boutique and well-known IT security firms from around the world.

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The Coronavirus gives hackers more freedom to infiltrate your network

By DriveLock on Mar 11, 2020 9:20:10 AM

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What you need to consider when it comes to IT security to keep your systems virus-free.

In recent weeks, the coronavirus has become the main topic for the global population, health authorities, politicians and organisations. For hackers, the panic and hysteria caused by the situation provide a perfect opportunity to successfully distribute malware. Therefore, the virus topic meets all the requirements for a successful cyberattack. 

People require up-to-date information regarding the virus. TV, radio, online guides and news, newsletters or emails are all sources of information that are accessed by the public. 

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Modern Endpoint Security & EDR

By Alma Pranoto on Mar 6, 2020 12:58:37 AM

Prevention, Detection and Response - Do You Have Gaps In Your Security Architecture? 

The importance of endpoint security continues to be prevalent in today's threat landscape as 70% of all breaches are found to have originated from the endpoint. More than 42% of endpoints experience encryption failures, 75% of organisations state their IT security team are not able to respond to security incidents aptly and quickly. Therefore Endpoint security plays a very significant role in securing your systems and data. It can prevent data loss, stop the execution of malware opened by negligent employees and protect against malicious traffic. 

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3 Cybersecurity Trends For 2020

By Alma Pranoto on Feb 4, 2020 5:18:39 AM

The world of IT security is evolving in 2020, are we? 

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IT security in 6 steps with Zero Trust

By Andreas Fuchs on Jan 24, 2020 3:35:53 PM

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The major strategic objective of cyber security in the digital age is to combat and contain privacy violations. A company's data is its most valuable asset that must be protected.
In the last blog post "What elements does a ZERO trust model consist of" we talked about the pillars of a Zero Trust architecture. In this article, we explain step by step how to implement Zero Trust in your company.
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Risk Assessment with the SPE model

By Mohamad Ashokaibi on Dec 20, 2019 11:29:13 AM

Risk lies around every corner and should be expected at any time. In the world of IT, risk is inherently everywhere and comes in many shapes and forms. Consequently, the task of writing down all possible risks threatening an IT infrastructure can be daunting and never-ending.

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What elements does a ZERO trust model consist of?

By Andreas Fuchs on Dec 3, 2019 5:11:01 PM

The major strategic goal of cyber security in the digital age is to combat and mitigate data breaches. A company's data is its most valuable asset to protect.

In the last blog post "This is how IT security works with Zero Trust today" we talked about what Zero Trust is and the rationality behind it.

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This is how IT security works with Zero Trust today

By Andreas Fuchs on Nov 20, 2019 7:51:35 PM

Source: Cecile Arcurs | iStock

Why today's IT security architectures should be designed according to the ZERO TRUST model

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