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Forrester Report: How 3rd-Party Providers Get More Out of Native Security Tools

Nov 10, 2021 11:36:39 AM

Topic: Native Security

Forrester Analytics Report: Native Security Threat Protection OS Security
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According to Forrester analysts, native security offerings for operating systems have improved significantly in recent years. How will these solutions compare to paid third-party solutions in the future?

The Forrester report, "Improve Your Threat Protection Efficacy Using Built-In OS Security", explores the question of whether and why there is a need for specialised solutions in the IT security market when, at the same time, operating system manufacturers are expanding their scope of services in the area of IT security. According to Forrester, native security offerings for operating systems have improved significantly in recent years. The trend indicates that most security decision-makers want to make greater use of native, i.e. operating system-internal, security features and that half of the decision-makers expect their dependence on paid third-party solutions for endpoint security to decrease. Native security solutions are becoming an integral part of their IT security strategy. They fulfill important and very critical security functions in the threat defence against increasingly professional cyber attacks.

The fact that native security functions are being used more and more frequently does not necessarily mean that third-party software is superfluous. Rather, paid-for security solutions from specialist providers can add value by complementing the functions of these native solutions in a meaningful and synergistic way.

The report compares the native security offerings of the major mobile and traditional operating systems and highlights the security features that are most important to security solution buyers. It highlights areas where third-party tools may be redundant (e.g. anti-virus protection or disk encryption) and where they are desperately needed. Forrester's recommendation is:
Third-party security technologies must integrate with native operating system features.

To get the most out of native and third-party solutions, you need to determine their respective strengths and how both service offerings can work together to complement each other. For example, because native security offerings do not include threat intelligence solutions, security log data collected by the operating system can enrich and complement the data used by third-party threat detection tools.

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