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Today, companies need to be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, in order to avoid claims for damages. These increasingly affect the private assets of those responsible. BSI IT basic protection, EU-GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ITIL, CobiT and many other laws and regulations define the requirements for the protection of sensitive data such as customer, patient or development data storage, use, protection.

Minimise the documentation effort for internal and external audits with DriveLock.


In case of emergency, use the advanced functionality of DriveLock: Forensics. Analyse an incident from different perspectives and reconstruct possible data leaks using all available technological options, with ease. After a few clicks,
you will know from which computers a specific file was copied to which USB stick if it was renamed and what other
files were also transferred at the same point in time. Just one more click and the DriveLock Control Center shows
you all computers on which this USB stick was used - faster, easier and more securely than ever before.

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Monitor the use of removable media or external devices


Minimise the documentation effort for the internal and external audits


Create customer-specific reports and distribute them by e-mail.


The analysis can be performed from many different angles


Providing the Who, What, Where, When Mapping dataflow


Recognise connected security incidents

DriveLock - made in Germany, no back-doors

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