Analytics & Forensics

Audit-proof documentation & forensic analyses - information instead of intuition


Audit-proof documentation & forensic analyses

Laws and regulations such as the BSI IT Baseline Protection, EU-GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ITIL, CobiT and many others describe very precisely which measures companies must implement to protect sensitive data. One of the benefits of DriveLock is that we document the revision process when a third party certifies that you are working within these regulations. With DriveLock you can significantly minimise this effort. 

DriveLock uses a central database with dynamically generated queries to monitor removable media, devices, or data transfer. Thereby, the legal requirements can also be taken into account and personal data anonymised. In addition, DriveLock provides a quick overview of all DriveLock agents in your IT environment and provides up-to-date status and licensing results. 


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Monitor the use of removable media or external devices

Minimise documentation efforts for internal and external communication

Create (customised) reports and distribute them via e-mail

Analytics & Forensics: Dashboard | Drivelock - endpoint security solution

DriveLock Dashboard

The dashboard enables a user-defined visualisation of key developments within predefined endpoint ecosystems.

  • The analysis can be executed from various starting points
  • Who copied data from which storage medium to what computer?
  • Recognise the patterns of security incidents and predict the possibility of a threat 


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